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For 100 years Carson Valley Children’s Aid (CVCA) has been dedicated to delivering services to children, youth and families that ensure their safety, build on their strengths, honor their differences and empower them to achieve their goals for success in life.

As CEO my goal is to build on the heritage of Carson Valley Children’s Aid by continuously enhancing CVCA’s array of 28 programs as well as developing new ones to serve 14,088 individuals in the Delaware Valley. Although many of these programs are campus and center based, others are mobile and occur in the home, at school and throughout the community.

I invite you to explore the Carson Valley Children’s Aid website and learn about our continuum of care including Behavioral Health, Residential and Community Based Placement, Education, and Prevention and Early Intervention services.

Please read about “Upcoming News & Events” to find out about CVCA activities; if interested, check out employment opportunities with CVCA; and be sure to look at the “Get Involved” section for the various ways you can support CVCA’s mission both financially and/or as a volunteer. Contributions from individuals, businesses, and foundations are crucial as the government funding received is insufficient to meet all the needs of at -risk children, youth, families.

Thank you for your interest and help in ensuring that CVCA's children, youth and families can realize their potential and thrive.



Diane Kiddy
Chief Executive Officer