CVCA Recognizes Our Foster Care Parents

This evening I had the pleasure to spend time via zoom with CVCA’s foster parents. In recognition of National Foster Care Month, there was a wonderful program to show our gratitude for their generosity in opening up their homes to children in need. CVCA’s foster homes are a critical component of the continuum of care we provide which also includes residential care, community homes and supervised independent living (SIL). A couple of the parents shared their stories and complimented the staff on the support and training they receive from CVCA. These foster parents are dedicated to carrying out CVCA’s vision for the children in their care “to realize their potential and thrive.” The highlight of the evening was an older youth expressing her appreciation to her foster parent and describing her successful transition to SIL. Thank you to our fine foster parents and the talented team that works with them – Zach, Sheniera, Lisa and Rhonda.