Dear Staff

I want to acknowledge the trauma we are experiencing as individuals and as an agency during these terrible times in which we live.

The trauma of the deadly Coronavirus has been somewhat eclipsed by the trauma of George Floyd’s murder. This deadly act perpetrated by law enforcement officers shattered the thin covering over systemic racism in this country. It was made even worse by the inadequate response of the country’s political leaders.

The ugly truth of racial injustice and the economic inequities that go with it has once again been revealed to all through the loss of life, the death of a Black man.

My chief concern during this period of pain and peril is for you, the staff, and your families, especially those who may exist with this ugly truth every day and the anger and anguish it generates.

In addition, you may fear for your safety even more during the violence that has followed the protests, protests that are necessary to produce the profound changes that must occur.

For me, feelings of somberness since last week are being replaced by restlessness to react. But before we can repair or rebuild race relations we must recognize and reject the reaches of racism throughout every aspect of our society.

While political overhaul is needed to eliminate systemic racism, we can simultaneously support each other as we survive the turbulence in our immediate surroundings.

I worry about you and your families and I worry about the children, youth and families we serve. Please take care of yourselves, your families and your communities. Also, I trust in your capacity to endure and ensure that CVCA’s mission remains strong. And you can trust in me, that as CEO of CVCA I will fight for you and with you against racism.

Diane Kiddy