Indigenous Peoples’ Day

Carson Valley Children’s Aid, along with communities across the United States, celebrates Indigenous Peoples’ Day. On this day, we recognize that it is impossible to “discover” a land that was home to millions of people. On this, the second Monday of October, we voice our solidarity with Native American people and recognize the richness of their cultures, and the problems and issues they face. Southeastern Pennsylvania was originally home to Lenni-Lenape Nation. The influence of the Lenape surrounds us. Conshohocken references “Gueno-sheiki-hacking” meaning “pleasant valley”; Kingsessing was derived from “Chingsessing” or “the place where there is a meadow”; and Perkiomen comes from “Pakihmomink” or “where the cranberries grow.” The Lenape farmed and hunted here for eons before Europeans forced them west. But they left their mark in Southeastern Pennsylvania. The Lenape Nation created a society based on the ideals of peace, individual freedom, and inclusion of people of different beliefs and backgrounds. Those same ideals are embraced by CVCA. Happy Indigenous Peoples’ Day.