May is National Foster Care month

April was National Child Abuse Prevention month and May is National Foster Care month. This extra attention generates more public awareness and serves to amplify CVCA’s mission. It also speaks volumes as to how pervasive child abuse is and that there are tremendous needs to be met.

It is CVCA’s mission to protect children against the most awful of adversities and help them overcome other obstacles to be successful in life. The system that supports these most vulnerable individuals is overstretched and challenged. CVCA stands out among providers with an array of prevention programs, behavioral health care, a school, and a continuum of placement services. When children cannot remain with their families, CVCA provides traditional foster care as well as community homes where three or four older youth live together with a professional parent.

As the leader of CVCA, I witness firsthand the bravery of our young people and all they accomplish -- it is awesome. They are remarkably resilient and resourceful girls and boys who are reaching for a better future. They are finding their inner strength and honing new skills for success in life. Every day I feel pride in their power to fulfill their potential and thrive.