Respecting Our Environment

Recently I convened assemblies at our middle and high schools on the CVCA campus to discuss safety. The CVCA mission statement starts with - to ensure the safety children and youth - as only then can we help them to achieve their goals for success in life. I explained to our students that to ensure safety on campus we must have respect for each other. By first respecting oneself and then our peers and the staff providing assistance, the basis of a safe environment is established.

In thinking about the overall environment, threats to its safety and the diminishment of natural resources, I realized that the basis for preserving it is the same as what I told our youth about the campus. We must respect the environment as something precious and integral to our well-being. Again, if we respect ourselves and others around us, we will be compelled to work together to protect where we live and work and the sustainability of the Earth. It is a simple message that is profound. Respect leads to better lives in a healthy and safe environment on our planet.

On several occasions this month our youth and staff join with neighbors and volunteers from the business community to clean up our 79 acres in Flourtown and to ready it for Spring with new plantings. It is a small effort that bonds us together in our humanness, doing whatever we can to make a difference through respect of nature and the land that supports our mission.

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