PHL 17 Jennifer Lewis-Hall Hosts Stomp for Success Pre Show

Updated: May 6, 2019

Tuesday 4/23

Stupendous Stomp for Success Preview

I don’t think I’ve had occasion to use that word since junior high, but it surely describes the preliminary step competition featuring CVCA’s student team Reload. They told us the name signifies getting rid of behaviors that hold them back and reloading themselves with skills to be successful in life. This sounds like a stupendous strategy! These young ladies looked powerful as they performed their own routine involving stomping, clapping and shouting about who they are and what they will achieve. Their intense energy took over the room and the admiring audience gave them a standing ovation. You could feel their pride, and when the pros from Zeta Phi Beta sorority stepped onto the floor, the CVCA team members watched their every move. Did they see their futures expand in those few moments? Were they now even more committed to realize their potential and thrive? I was so inspired by the CVCA girls – they were simply stupendous! ~ Diane Kiddy, CEO