Students have exhibited depth in their understanding

By Robert Coleman, Site Manager, CVCA High School

CVCA students, teachers, and staff have spent the last week grappling with the death of George Floyd and the subsequent protests.

Our students have tried to process these changes occurring in our society daily. Consequently, our students have been sharing their pain, ideas, and, disappointments in the Criminal Justice system. During our classroom discussions, students engaged by expressing their opinions of violent versus nonviolent protest. As we reflect, students have expressed how disheartening it was when NFL players took a knee three years ago as a nonviolent protest, only for it to be received negatively by the President. However, in our classroom, we have not lost our optimism and hope about our future.

As educators, we continue to facilitate discussions of the ongoing protest and the path to positive social change. The students have been energized by the protests around the world and engaged in a lively debate over the mechanisms of protest and activism. In class, we have been following this society-shifting moment closely. The students have exhibited depth in their understanding of individual people and society-at-large. It truly has been an eye-opening experience not only for our students but for us as educators and mentors. We will continue to inform and be informed about the issues that matter. We will continue to debate and discuss the right path forward for our society.