The Great Debate

In February, CVCA middle and high school students participated in the 2nd annual CVCA Great Debate. Teams for and against conducted and presented research for evidence-based arguments. There was a remarkable number of volunteer participants enrolled in CVCA’s speech therapy program. Despite having challenges, students were extremely focused on conducting their research-driven arguments. Special Education teacher, Tina Donlevy, comments "This was something they've worked extremely hard on, and it's a new sense of accomplishment. This is something that is theirs”.

Throughout preparation, teamwork was critical. Students had to learn that communicating their ideas was essential, as well as holding each other accountable for the team's findings. The students debated on controversial topics such as the pros and cons of "School Searches" and "The Death Penalty." Student debaters were coached to build their cases strategically, as the modern problem is not finding information; but preparing for the opposing team's viewpoint. The debate process can support and enhance brain development as an activity and requires the students to execute their thoughts appropriately. CVCA's young debaters are on their way to honing their skills.

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