The Verdict

Last evening the resounding verdict of guilty on three counts for the murder of George Floyd was delivered. Justice was served, a great feat, yet the number of horrific cases continued to grow while we waited for this outcome. Since the Chauvin trial began, an average of more than three killings a day at the hands of law enforcement nationwide occurred and over half of the dead were Black and Latino, according to the New York Times. This included Daunte Wright who was killed by a police officer in Minnesota, preceded by the fatal shooting of a 13 year old boy by a Chicago police officer. Then today a teenage girl is dead in Ohio, still unclear as to whether another life was being saved during an attack. It is heart-wrenching and appalling and just terribly sad. All this is happening at the same time overall gun violence is escalating, and as the number of mass shootings in the U.S. so far this year has approached 150.

Is there hope for change because there was a conviction for the murder of George Floyd? Will there be major reforms in policing that are sustainable? Can the Biden-Harris administration and Congress make progress on gun control measures?

The anti-racism movement has taken hold in this country and in my view it is powerful and unstoppable. So much needs to be transformed in our institutions and throughout every sector of society. We the people have roles to play in defeating racial injustice.

I am emphatic about the work we are doing around inclusion and equity at CVCA. I am proud to be part of an organization with a mission that honors the differences of individuals and empowers them to achieve their goals for success in life. With enduring energy and enormous effort we ensure the safety of children who are in danger or exposed to possible risk.

CVCA staff make a difference!