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About Us
Carson Valley Children's Aid

About Us


Carson Valley Children's Aid is dedicated to delivering services to children, youth and families that ensure their safety, build on their strengths, honor their differences and empower them to achieve their goals for success in life.



For children, youth and families to realize their potential and thrive.

Health and Safety Plans

Guiding Principles


Having hope and confidence in the capability of children, youth and families to be successful in life.


Bringing together children, youth, families, team members, board of directors and community partners to identify and achieve goals.


Embracing cultural and other difference; respecting each other's views and voices.


Believing in the reliability of team member based on an honest, transparent approach to every level of the organization.


Focusing on strengths and using kindness and empathy to show people they are valued.


Upholding commitments through responsible management of resources, delivering quality services and assuring ethical standards of practice. 

Annual Report  Fiscal Year 2021

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