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Jameelah Hairston, MS

Director of Prevention Services

Diane Kiddy, MSS

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Nicole Matthews, DO, MS

Medical Director

Erin Smalley

Residential Director

Dana Grace, MS

Director of Behavioral Health Services

Lisa Matthews, MSW, LSW, MS

Director of Center of Excellence in Quality of Care

Julie O’Connor, M. Ed.

Director of Norristown Family and Housing Resource Centers, The Schoolhouse


Margaret P. Rux, President

Stephen A Kelbick, Assistant Treasurer

William F. Casey III

Cynthia Heckscher

Michael Renzi

Richard Collier, Jr., Vice President

Rosemarie Romano, Secretary

Kevin A. Feeley

Brian Nath

Erica L. Tomasko


Dr. Jonathan M. Sternlieb, MD, Chair

Kevin Brien, P.E.

Susan Gerrity

Krista Mayes

Hugh Moulton

Estelle B. Richman

Gloria Zankowski

Dr. Karl U. Bortnick, Ph.D.

Jeffery J. Idler

Carol Ann Kell

Marissa Meyers

Maris A. Ogg, CFA

Brett Weisberg

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