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A New Adjustment

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Farrah, 9 years old

On my first day at this after school program, I was sad to leave my other school and friends. When I saw how nice everyone was here, I felt that I should give it a chance. I remember a student who was cold because he didn’t have a coat, and then the teachers came together and got him one. Seeing that made me so happy, and it showed me how nice these teachers can be. Once I started to come more often, I liked how the teachers made up fun games with math problems. It doesn’t feel like regular school because they make it fun, and it makes you want to do it more. I’m mostly proud of my neat handwriting. If it wasn’t for this after school program, I probably wouldn’t have such a nice handwriting because I needed more practice.  I can tell they really care about us here, because they took their time with me. I hope I can come back next year.

Out of Time School Program

Confident in Math

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Sean, 11 years old

They treat me like family at CVCA. I have two older brothers who came through this program together, and now my younger sister and I come together. Math is my favorite subject, and I’m very good at it. I’m so advanced now that when my work is done, I can help my sister and classmates with understanding their math work. When I’m helping others, that gives me even more practice. I think math can take you places, so I will keep learning and see where it takes me. When I grow up, I want to be an NBA basketball player. I believe my math skills can help in some way. I like being smart and helping others who need it. When I think about what's next for me, I set my sights on getting into a good high school like Central High.

Out of Time School Progam


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Michelle, Manger of Outpatient Services

I work alongside many mental health professionals who are motivated for the same reason. CVCA family is supportive, nonjudgmental, flexible and has given me an opportunity to grow professionally. Working for CVCA has given me an opportunity to serve a community whose voice is often not heard. An empowered community providing support to one another in times of mental health crisis reduces stigmatizing attitudes and increase mental health treatment toward people with mental health challenges. CVCA gives me the opportunity to help transform lives.

CVCA Employee

Building Relationships

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Lateef, 15 years old

There are good people here, I really like the staff. My relationships built with the staff have made it easier for me to feel comfortable and learn in the programs. When I’m not in class, I’m very active in basketball, and football here on campus.

Residential Care Program

Prepared for the Real World

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Sidney, 14 years old

At Carson Valley, they prepare us for the real world. In comparison to the other places I've been, I’m kept busy while I’m here. One of my favorite things about Carson Valley, is that there isn’t a very long wait in between the programs. There is always something going on. I've learned life skills here that will help me manage my finances and get an apartment one day.

RTF Program

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